Visiting Fellows of the Research Chair


The following scholars were hosted for research purposes and/or the presentation of seminars/lectures:

Prof Alexander Mezyaev, Kazan University, Russia

Dr Vasilka Sancin, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr Ivana Jelic, University of Podgorico, Montenegro and currently a member of the European Court of Human Rights

Prof Bruce Oswald, University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof Jann Kleffner, Swedish Defence College, Stockholm.

Prof Duncan French, Dean, School of Law, Lincoln University, UK.

Prof Rudiger Wolfrum, Former Director of the Max Planck Institute of Public International Law, Heidelberg, Germany and Judge at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Prof (Emeritus) Torsten Stein, formerly Professor at the Max Planck Institute for Public International Law, Heidelberg, Germany and Head of the Europa Institute, Saarbrücken.

Ms Hannah Birkenkötter, Humboldt University, Berlin.

Prof Ruvi Ziegler, Professor in International Refugee Law, University of Reading, United Kingdom.

Ms Janet Stewart, former case manager, International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia.